The Real Estate Investing Mastery Course

$997.00 $197.00

Some say this is the best real estate investing course out there. We think so too and that’s why we’re pricing it at an affordable price of $197 for a limited time before raising it to $997. Inside you’ll receive information in both text and video form as well as get access to all of the resources we’ve stuck in it for you to download and use in your business. Strap up and get ready for all of the best knowledge on real estate investing to help you be successful. See the full product description below.


Inside this course you receive access to 16 chapters of content covering everything you need to get started as a real estate investor.

We begin by discussing what real estate is, how you can grow your education, and the different types of real estate investing. We help you set up your goals, business plan, and select a strategy of attack to begin your investing journey.

You’ll learn all the methods for financing the purchase of real estate including no money strategies if you lack capital in your current financial situation.

Here’s a detailed breakdown by chapter:

  • Ch 1: The Basics of Real Estate
  • Ch 2: The Investor Mindset
  • Ch 3: Choosing Your Strategy
  • Ch 4: Choosing Your Property Niche
  • Ch 5: Creating a Business Plan
  • Ch 6: Analyzing the Market
  • Ch 7: Finding a Property
  • Ch 8: Analyzing the Property
  • Ch 9: How to Finance the Purchase
  • Ch 10: Common Financing Questions
  • Ch 11: Legal Entities
  • Ch 12: Contracts, Due Diligence, & Closing Tasks
  • Ch 13: Property Management
  • Ch 14: Exit Strategies
  • Ch 15: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Ch 16: Why Real Estate Beats Investing in the Stock Market