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Who are we?

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I’m Nick, a real estate investor and internet based consultant. I bought my first rental property in college at age 20 and fell in love with investing ever since. I also love web design and marketing online which is why I began consulting for people looking to start their own websites, especially real estate folks who want to increase their deal flow, create lead generation systems, and/or have a go to website for tenants to login and request maintenance repairs or pay their monthly rent through the tenant portal.

My partner Ketty is one of the top property managers in Miami, Florida and has the best sense of humor. She will be writing articles under her section of the blog titled “Ketty’s Korner.” She’s been managing real estate for millionaires, condominium associations, and others for 20+ years and knows an insane amount of information about the Miami-Dade County area.

If you want to stop by weekly to keep up with each of our newest articles and shareable content, my section of the blog will be “Numbers With Nick” as I walk you through example deals, case studies, market data, and more on the analytical numbers side of real estate. In the end, real estate is a numbers game. You have to know how they work in order to get into properties at good purchases and receive good returns on investment.

So remember, if you see Ketty’s Korner on our blog page, that’s my partner Ketty’s latest articles and if you see Numbers with Nick then you know you’re reading an article or articles by me.

We’re also starting a podcast that’s going to be awesome!

You’ll be able to download these audio shows and lessons to listen to wherever.

Audio content and video content is king these days and we will be using it to help teach you real estate.

Speaking of video, stop by our YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss a beat when we release our latest video lessons. Every week we will post a new video to YouTube covering a real estate investing topic or a tip for home buyers and home sellers. This information will be golden nuggets of wisdom you won’t want to miss!

How Can Blue Spark Investments Help You?

We’re full throttle in the real estate industry and do it all. Primarily we focus on real estate investing in the South Florida, Miami-Dade County area. We’ve been connecting with investors, contractors, wholesalers, flippers, you name it to grow our network and ultimately do more deals with other like minded and motivated real estate investors. Let’s connect and see what kind of partnership we can potentially create to help each other out.

If you need property management, visit this page to learn more. This is our competitive edge we bring to investment partnerships with our private investors because they know they can trust us to manage the investment project from head to toe and make sure the properties we acquire are improved and value is created. The more value we add to the property, the greater the return on investment which is why property management is so crucial to a successful investment purchase.

If you’d like to buy or sell a home, Ketty is a licensed real estate broker and I will have my license in the coming months. Send an email to [email protected] and I’ll forward you to Ketty. Her inbox gets 300-400 messages per day so I want to make sure your message is received and we begin helping you search for a home or list yours for sale. We’re skilled in marketing which will be key to getting your home seen by a large pool of buyers and sold quickly. You’ll get a 10+ page analysis report on your home showing you comparable sales in the area and why we recommend the price you should list your home for sale at. Send us an email and we’ll be in touch with our full breakdown of services to meet your home buying or selling needs.

How Familiar Are You With Real Estate Investing?

We want to help you grow as an investor, so we also offer private consulting sessions as well as online training courses. This is an easy way for you to get the help and knowledge you need to be successful in your real estate investing business. If you’ve never invested in real estate before and have always been curious about how it works, then our beginners investing course will be perfect for you. Stop by our survey page to learn more about which course is right for you.

If you’d like to set up a consulting session, visit this link here.

Overall, we look forward to connecting with you; whether it’s in person, through email, over a phone call, or maybe through weekly blog posts. We’re going to be real with you in our blog posts, video lessons, and podcast episodes sharing with you all of our struggles in building our investment business and Ketty’s growing pains building her property management company she founded 7 years ago. Stick around, you won’t want to miss it. Subscribe to our email newsletter to get all the latest updates!

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Nick Foy & Ketty Urbay

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